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Thinking about adopting Agile? Just started on your journey? been following Agile for a while? not seeing the promised benefits of Agile working? No matter where you are True Agility can help you unlock the full potential of your organisation and employees.


The True Agility Philosophy

Delivering Business Advantage Through Agile Behaviors

The ultimate goal of any Agile initiative is to deliver real measurable advantages within the market place, by providing greater engagement and understanding of your customers, and being able to quickly and flexibility respond to evolving challenges and business demands with quality solutions. 

Anything short of this is not True Agility. 

​Far to many Agile initiatives focus on adherence to Agile practices within the delivery teams assuming that if you get these right the rest will follow, experience has taught us that this is not the case. Business Advantage is only fully realised  when Agile working and behaviors are adopted by the Team, Product and Organisation, But we also realise that whole scale change on day one is not realistic in most cases so we build capability at the pace the organisation can maintain.

Team, Product and Organisation working together in an Agile manner. 

The True Agility approach is to understand that Practices  are just the starting point, they are the foundations on which you need to build the new behaviors across the organisation as these are the key to succeeding with Agile. 

You are only Truly Agile if you are gaining a Business Advantage.

True Agility does not believe that there is a single Agile solution that can solve the problems of every organisation. We bring a framework agnostic approach which takes the best from all worlds and tailors the solution to the needs and culture of the organisation, as retaining what makes you, you is a key component of what will give you your Business Advantage.

Every Organisation is unique so True Agility means using frameworks to promote new behaviors and never to constrain the solution. 



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Coaching & Consultancy

Drawing on over 30 years of practical Agile experience across multiple sectors to provide you with the in depth pragmatic guidance and advice that will enable you achieve your Agile goals. Whether through intensive on site or remote coaching at all levels within your business, or by provision of as needed consultancy to assess your current status, help with specific issues or prepare you for your journey, Coaching from True Agility will set you on the right track.

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Agile Training

Whether its off the self training, Training needs assessment or a complete customised training package, True Agility can fulfill all your needs. Benefit from training designed and delivered by a highly experienced practitioner who is constantly improving the material based on feedback and evolving treads. We have off the self tried and tested courses covering all aspects of Agile at the Team, Product and Organisation level. Benefit from training that not only comprehensively covers the topic but goes beyond by teaching how it can be used in the real world.


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